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Virtual Assistant SK

Virtual Assistant SK (VA SK) is a small, family-owned business based in Saskatchewan. The co-owners, Kelsey and Anass Elbiyad, started their adventure in building VA SK in June 2022. They both knew that small business owners are always juggling a million things and there just isn't enough time in the day to get it all done! Thus, the idea for Virtual Assistant SK was born.

We are passionate about helping businesses grow by offering a multitude of virtual services. There are plenty of benefits to virtual assistance such as saving on:

  • Onboarding costs - you won't need to pay another employee to train us or even show us around your office.

  • Training costs - we only offer services that we are already experts in, so you don't have to worry about training us. We've already got it all covered!

  • Business supplies - we don't need a computer, printers, pens or paper. We have everything we need!

  • Benefits - benefits can be exceptionally costly, but as an independent contractor, you don't have to worry about us. We're covered on our own so you don't have to invest in any additional benefits for us.

  • Time! That's one of the big things you'll save hiring Virtual Assistant SK. Time = money, so don't waste your precious cash on long hiring processes, lengthy onboarding, or hiring an employee that might not work out. Let us take work off your desk and provide the services you need, with the option of not having a long term commitment.  ​

With Virtual Assistant SK, you'll also get:

  • Flexibility - give us a deadline, and we will meet it! We'll work with you to develop a contract and quote that will cover everything you need us to achieve within the timeline you set. That means you get to pick your services, pick your deadlines - and you can have peace of mind knowing it will all get done! We don't take sick days, we work all types of hours and days throughout the week (including weekends!) All of that also gives you more flexibility to focus on other areas of your business.

  • No office politics - office...what office? We work from home and are away from any drama. You'll get professional service from start to finish.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, we'd absolutely love to meet with you - simply click here to fill out a consultation form and schedule your free 30-minute meeting with us!

We really look forward to helping you grow your business! Keep reading to learn more about us and our areas of expertise.

Meet Kelsey


Areas of expertise:

  • Marketing and advertising;

  • Strategic communications planning;

  • Development of communications products, strategies and plans;

  • Multimedia production;

  • Project coordination and management;

  • Web design and maintenance;

  • Social media maintenance and content creation;

  • Research and writing;

  • Event planning;

  • Budget management;

  • Writing - storytelling, plain language science, scripts;

  • Video editing software - Adobe Premiere Pro and Elements, iMovie;

  • Graphic design software - Photoshop, GIMP, Canva;

  • Social media software - Tweetdeck, Hootsuite;

  • SharePoint - design, editing;

  • Microsoft D365

  • And more!

Kelsey is an expert in the communications field - between her career and volunteer experience, she has been in the industry for more than 6 years.


Today, Kelsey works as a Senior Marketing Advisor for the Government of Canada. In her role, she takes on a wide range of tasks including developing and executing advertising campaigns, marketing and promotional strategies, evaluating and measuring various metrics, and implementing and maintaining contracts with providers across the country.

She has also been volunteering for the Wildlife Rescue Society of Saskatchewan since 2015. She began as the newsletter coordinator and is now the marketing manager and grant writer for the organization. She also created their website and runs their social media channels - where she has doubled their following in the last two years.

Kelsey is the main virtual assistant here at Virtual Assistant SK. Her skills are extensive and she is organized, tech-savvy, and business minded. She would absolutely love to help you grow your business - so book a free consultation today!

Meet Anass

Anass is originally from Morocco where he ran multiple successful businesses, including a scooter rental and a restaurant. He later moved to Dubai to explore new opportunities in the world of public relations for a transportation company. In that role, he became a jack of all trades - beyond PR, he also took on client management, contract negotiations, human resources, and had the chance to travel the world to promote the business.

Upon immigrating to Canada in 2018, Anass started a new career chapter in the world of mining. He now works as a mill operator where he uses a wide range of heavy machinery and equipment - quite the change from his past jobs!

Anass takes on most of the behind-the-scenes work at Virtual Assistant SK - from planning for the business, to client management, to invoicing, to contract development. Anass is incredibly business savvy and brings a lot of real-world expertise to our organization! 

Areas of expertise:

  • Business planning and management;

  • Public relations;

  • Client management;

  • Contracting;

  • Human resources;

  • Hiring and onboarding;

  • Invoicing and payroll;

  • Languages - English, French and Arabic;

  • And more!

Need more details? Contact us or book a FREE consultation!

We'd love to work with you and provide more information. Please book a free consultation or contact us. We will reply within one business day!

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